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Medical Procedures for Mole Surgery

Mole surgery can be done to get rid of moles that are disturbing. But in addition to purely aesthetic or aesthetic reasons, this procedure is also sometimes performed for medical reasons. Especially if a mole is suspected as skin cancer. Moles are small spots measuring no more than 5 millimeters, brown or blackish in color, and are round or oval in shape that can appear on any part of the skin. Moles are formed from color-producing cells or skin pigments called melanocytes. The appearance of a mole is actually not a serious condition, because a normal mole is not cancerous. These are abnormal moles The following are some signs of abnormal moles that need to be aware of and must be removed by mole surgery, namely: Measuring more than 6 millimeters. Irregular shape. Moles become hard, itchy, or bleed. Moles change shape or color. The skin around the mole becomes dry or scaly. Generally, doctors will recommend mole surgery if it detects the characteristics of a mole that is s
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Red Eyes in Babies, These Causes and How to Handle them

Red eye on a baby may indicate that he is sleepy. Even so, this condition cannot be underestimated, because sometimes a baby's red eyes can also indicate a certain condition or disease. Red eye is one of the eye problems in infants that is quite common. Some causes of red eye in infants are harmless, but others can be contagious and need to be seen by a doctor immediately. Treatment or treatment of red eye in infants also should not be arbitrary, but must be adjusted to the cause. Causes and Handling of Red Eye in Infants Here are some common causes of red eye in infants and how to treat it: 1. Conjunctivitis This condition is caused by inflammation of the conjunctiva, which is the pink part on the inner side of the eyelid. Initially, conjunctivitis can occur in one eye, then spread to the other eye. Handling of red eye in infants due to conjunctivitis needs to be adjusted according to the main cause. Based on the cause, conjunctivitis in infants can be categorized into 3

Dad also Experienced Baby Blues, Let's See How To Overcome It

Baby blues are not only experienced by mothers, you know. According to research, about 62% of fathers apparently also experience baby blues, at least for the first 4 months after the baby's birth. Come on, Daddy, find out how to handle it! The cause of baby blues on fathers can vary. But generally the risk of depression will be greater if his wife also experiences a similar condition. Unfortunately, stress on dad can be even worse because dad may not be used to expressing his feelings. Generally men are always considered to be more resilient and logical. This makes it harder for fathers to ask for help when they feel anxious and out of control. Though this is a very human thing and a solution must be sought. Know Yourself Father must remember that if one, let alone both parents are mentally unwell, Little can feel the negative effects. Depressed parents are generally less likely to communicate with children, let alone sing or read stories. On the contrary, they will be easier